Listen to The Teenage Phrasebook

Being a teenager's parent isn't always that easy. This book is full of tips and facts to make this period in your teenager's life easier - both for you and your teenager. And now the information is available as an audiobook too.

Since 2013 IQ has published the Teenage Phrase book to support parents and youth. This year we’ve released the book as an audiobook.  Listen to it at Spotify here and Soundcloud here.

Useful contacts and more info

It can sometimes be good to talk to someone who knows a bit more about teenagers and alcohol, or about anything else, for that matter.

If you want to do more

There’s a lot you can do to support and be there for teenagers. Maybe you can take part in night-time patrols, or make it easier for them to say “no”, or help promote a smarter approach to alcohol in some other way.

When parents are not around

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