If you want to do more

There’s a lot you can do to support and be there for young people. Here are a few suggestions.


It can be helpful if there are adults around when teenagers get together. A lot of young people don’t have very many adults to talk to and may find it easier to talk to someone they don’t know.

Many towns in Sweden have organised night-time patrols – check with your local authority or your child’s school, or search online. But you don’t have to be part of an association to take a walk around town. The more adults who are out and about in the evening, the better.


Talking to someone else in the same situation can often be hugely helpful. It’s also important for young people to know that there are adults who care.

If the parents at a school or sports association agree that alcohol is not OK, it often results in their teenagers drinking less. Maybe you, the parents, can talk about things during parent’s evenings – things like reasonable curfews, how your teenagers should be picked up, and what to do if someone’s child is home alone.


There are numerous great examples of preventative measures that have made a difference to young people. There’s lots of inspiration to be found at iq.se, too.

Remember that an activity doesn’t have to be big to be good or important. You can also contact your local authority to find out what’s going on where you live.


At iq.se, we share expertise and inspiration via our social media channels, newsletters, and a range of different events. You can also find out more about alcohol in different contexts, test your own alcohol habits, and get help if you’re  worried about someone else’s drinking habits.

Useful contacts and more info

It can sometimes be good to talk to someone who knows a bit more about teenagers and alcohol, or about anything else, for that matter.

When parents are not around

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